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How was the Strong Interest Inventory developed?

The Strong is named after E.K. Strong, who developed the instrument in the 1920s after working with the military to place recruits in suitable jobs. Over the years, it's been revised a number of times to update the questions and the professions listed. It has helped people in their career searches since its inception. Today, it's used for career and educational choices, to help people understand job dissatisfaction, and as a selection tool for those hiring or educating others.

What are the General Occupational Themes (GOTs)?

  • These themes are based upon John L. Holland's vocational choice theory. Holland's research showed the world of work had some common facets:
  • He thought people could be grouped into six basic types: Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising and Conventional. Each person could be described as being one type, or combination of types.
  • Work environments can also be grouped by the same six types. In each occupation, a certain personality type tends to dominate. The combination of work environment and co-workers affects how people enjoy their work.
  • People like to work in environments that let them use their skills and abilities, find stimulation and satisfaction, and avoid chores or roles they find unpleasant or too difficult.
  • A person's work behavior is determined by the interaction of the person's personality and the work environment. This interaction influences job satisfaction, performance, and stability.
  • A single job type is insufficient to describe many jobs. Holland expanded his classification system to include combinations of more than one style. While there are 720 possible combinations, most jobs can be categorized by one, two, or three letters.
  • Some job types are more similar than others. For example, Realistic and Conventional careers have more overlap than Realistic and Social.

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