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Social Theme

strong interest inventory

Typical Work Activities

  • Teaching, explaining
  • Enlightening, guiding
  • Helping, facilitating
  • Selecting and training
  • Informing, organizing
  • Working with people
  • Often like to solve problems through discussion of feelings and interaction with others
  • Often enjoy working with people through leading, directing, and persuading
  • Often enjoy being the center of attention


Typical Hobbies

  • Entertaining others
  • Attending conventions
  • Doing volunteer community service work
  • Organizing social events (e.g., picnics, excursions, neighborhood parties)
  • Artistic and Realistic Activities (Research shows that people who work in social services have a tendency towards burnout and often feel the need for R-theme and A-theme activities in their leisure time)


Common self-concepts and values

  • Humanistic, idealistic
  • Ethical, responsible
  • Tactful, cooperative
  • Kind, generous
  • Understanding, insightful
  • Friendly, cheerful
  • Concerned for the welfare of others


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