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Enterprising Theme

strong interest inventory

Typical Work Activities

  • Selling, purchasing
  • Political maneuvering
  • Entertaining clients
  • Leading committees, groups, organizations, and companies
  • Giving speeches, talks, and presentations
  • Managing people and projects
  • Often seek positions of leadership, power, and status
  • Often enjoy taking financial and interpersonal risks
  • Often enjoy participating in competitive activities


Typical Hobbies

  • Belonging to clubs and organizations
  • Sporting events, as a participant or observer
  • Entertaining or socializing
  • Political activities
  • Attending conventions


Common self-concepts and values

  • Status conscious
  • Ambitious, competitive
  • Sociable, talkative
  • Witty, argumentative
  • Aggressive
  • Adventuresome, risk taking
  • Attracted to money, power, and material possessions


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