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Conventional Theme

strong interest inventory

Typical Work Activities

  • Conducting a financial analysis
  • Operating office machines
  • Organizing office procedures
  • Keeping records and financial books
  • Writing business reports
  • Making charts and graphs
  • Often enjoy activities requiring attention to organization, data systems, details, and accuracy
  • Often work well in large organizations


Typical Hobbies

  • Collecting (e.g., stamps, coins)
  • Home improvement projects
  • Building models (e.g., airplanes, doll houses, electric trains)
  • Civic and fraternal organizations
  • Games with clear-cut rules (e.g. Monopoly)


Common self-concepts and values

  • Conscientious, persevering
  • Practical
  • Self-contained, conservative
  • Orderly, systematic
  • Precise, accurate
  • Careful, controlled
  • Careful about money and material possessions


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