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Realistic Theme

strong interest inventory

Typical Work Activities

  • Doing jobs that produce tangible results
  • Fixing, building, and repairing
  • Using tools that require fine motor coordination and manual dexterity (e.g. surgeon's scalpel, jeweler's tweezers, dentist's drill)
  • Operating precision machinery (e.g. lathe, drill press)
  • Operating or designing heavy equipment
  • Usually more interested in action than thought
  • Generally prefer concrete problems over ambiguous, abstract problems


Typical Hobbies

  • Hunting, fishing, camping, and rock climbing
  • Building and rebuilding
  • Repairing old things (e.g. cars, machines, appliances)
  • Reading magazines and books about outdoor sports, cars, boats, and airplanes
  • Operating recreational vehicles (e.g. speedboats, jet skis, motorcycles, snowmobiles)
  • Physically dangerous activities (e.g. skydiving, mountain climbing, auto racing)


Common self-concepts and values

  • Emotionally stable and reliable
  • Practical, thrifty, and persistent
  • Shy, modest
  • Likely to avoid being the center of attention
  • Uncomfortable talking about themselves
  • Inclined to take physical risks
  • Likely to maintain traditional values
  • Slow to accept radical new ideas


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