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Here's the organizational development tool for you

The official Myers-Briggs organization test shows how you work best. If you are struggling at work, want more satisfaction, or just don't fit in, this report can help. Learn how to be more effective at communicating and problem solving. Each type has preferences, strengths, and potential weaknesses. Find out how your type uses all of these to get along with others in a work setting. Click here to read the sample report, then take the organization test online. Later, talk to an expert about what your results mean for you. (Click here to see the client list).

Which work environment is best for you?

Is there a way you can change your current environment to better suit your personality? Yes! Perhaps a few simple changes can greatly increase the quality of your work life. This report lists suggestions to help you match your preferences to the world of work.

A work report tailored to your personality type

Learn how your type contributes to an organization, your leadership style, preferred methods of communication, your problem-solving and learning style, and how your personality type affects your work preferences. Uncover potential pitfalls that can make your work life harder. Discover which work environments your type prefers. Get suggestions for personal development that will make you a better leader or team member.

Learn about your strengths and areas for development

Enjoying work and doing a good job come from using your expertise and avoiding those areas where you're not as strong. Sure, it would be great if we could overcome every weak point on our way through life. Maybe it's more realistic to take stock of which areas are our natural favorites and discover how to work around our limitations. This report will show you how.

Your report includes a feedback session

After you finish your test, you can schedule your mandatory feedback session to receive your report. You will receive an e-mail calendar to sign up for a group feedback session. Other people with the same report will be on the call. Please be sure to choose your correct time zone on the calendar.

If you prefer an individual feedback session, please e-mail:

In the session you receive an in-depth explanation of what the report shows and how it relates to you.

Test Your Entire Group

You can order as many access codes as you need below. You will receive your access codes by e-mail. You provide them to your group members as you choose. Your codes do not expire, so you can use them as you need them. It's fast & easy - you'll be ready to go in 5 minutes. Note: the IRO report is not the same as the Team reports, which are on this page.

Get the official Myers-Briggs IRO report in French, German, and other languages

You can take the Myers-Briggs online and get the Interpretive Report for Organizations (IRO) in other languages such as French, German, U.K. English, Portuguese, Dutch, Danish, and Swedish. Click on the language name to go to the corresponding page. You can order access codes online and start testing immediately. There are quantity discounts starting at 10 reports. Sorry, no Spanish version yet.

How to get your Myers-Briggs Organization Report (IRO):

You can purchase as many access codes as you need for yourself or for others. You can take the test immediately, or at a later date. Your access codes do not expire - you can use them as you need them. You can start and finish whenever you like. You will receive an automatic e-mail with your access codes, so you can take the test at any time. Use our secure server to pay with your credit card. After you finish your test, you can schedule your mandatory feedback session online. You can book a session for yourself or one for your entire group. You will receive your report by e-mail during your feedback session. In the session you receive an in-depth explanation of what the report shows and how it relates to you. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view your report (Download it for free at

MBTI® Organization Report (IRO) $90 - View Sample

10 Reports: $81 each

25 Reports: $76.50 each

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This 11-page report is useful for those who want career and personal development, to increase job effectiveness, or improve work performance. The Myers-Briggs organization test has 93 questions, takes 15-20 minutes, and is recommended for those 18 yrs. old and above.

Myers-Briggs IRO Report


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