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The official Myers-Briggs Team reports are the place to start. Team building is part of any group endeavor. Conflict, misunderstandings, and confusion can make team work more difficult. Some teams are more similar, while others struggle with differences. No matter what your team looks like, it will have strengths and weaknesses. The Team Report shows your team's personality, along with concrete suggestions for improving. You'll have a framework with a system to overcome differences and improve team integration. This is why Patrick Lencioni recommends the Myers-Briggs assessment test in his book "The Five Dysfunctions of a Team." Companies who have used this report successfully at this web site include Dow Chemical, Sheraton, and Merck, among many others. (Click here to see the client list). If you have questions, call (858) 571-3931 (Skype: dypersonality) or write .

How similar are your team members?

While it's true that teams made up of similar personality types frequently agree on things, there are disadvantages as well. Important viewpoints might be overlooked or discounted. The Team Reports will show your team where the weaknesses are likely to be and how to work around them. Click here to read the sample report. Note: you will receive a different team report for each team member, NOT one report for the entire team. You will also receive a Team Facilitator Report for your team to help you prepare a workshop.

How does your group solve problems?

These reports will show your team how they are likely to approach problems and suggestions for overcoming potential weaknesses in their system. Each member will see how he or she is likely to approach problem solving compared to the team as a whole.

Conflict management skills

The Myers-Briggs Team Report explains how your group likely deals with conflict and methods to improve. Since individuals vary in their approaches towards conflict resolution, it's clear that teams face the same challenges. Additionally, having to deal with multiple personalities can make the situation even more complex. Learn the shortcuts your team can use to be more effective when disagreements arise.

Personalized Action Plan for each team member

Each person in your group will get a report showing how he or she is similar or dissimilar to the group as a whole. Every report has suggestions on improving individual effectiveness within the team.

Includes a Feedback Session with your team

As part of the process, we will set up a time to have a mandatory feedback session with your team. We can also set up an additional time to discuss the results with the team leader. During the feedback session, your group will receive an in-depth explanation of what your reports show and how it relates to your team..

Myers-Briggs Team Evaluation available in English only

However, it is possible to take the official Myers-Briggs personality test in different languages for the individual reports and get English team reports. The price will depend on the language. Contact us for further details.

How to get your Myers-Briggs Team Reports

The cost is $120 per person. This includes a 2-page Profile Report (View Sample) and a 16-page Team Report (View Sample) for each person. E.g., if you have 12 people in your team, you will receive 24 reports. Additionally, the group will receive a Team Facilitator Report and a Type Table showing the distribution of personality types in your group.

Each person will take the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator online first. Once everyone has completed the test, the Team Reports can be prepared by combining all the individual results to create a team "personality." The Team Facilitator Report will give you a step by step guide to lead a team building session.

To learn more about the Team Reports download this e-book

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Myers-Briggs® Team Test Services

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