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The CPI 260 is based on a different theory of personality using words people who know you well would use to describe you. It has 26 scales, divided up into five major areas of life: Dealing with Others, Self-Management, Motivations and Thinking Style, Personal Characteristics and Work-Related Measures. The 260 questions on this test are a subset from the 434 questions on the famous California Psychological Inventory™ (CPI), which is why the name is now CPI 260. This test has been in use for over 50 years. Click here to read a sample report. Click here to see the client list from Discover Your

Do You Have Management Potential? Insightfulness? Empathy? Dominance?

These are some of the 26 scales on the test where you will see how you compare to 5,600 executives and senior managers who were participants at the Center for Creative Leadership. Other scales include Sensitivity, Creative Temperament, Flexibility, Independence, Sociability, Responsibility, and 16 more. Look at the sample report to see how your report might be.

Which of Four Lifestyles Do You Prefer?

Are you an Implementer, a Supporter, a Visualizer, or an Innovator? What's the difference among the various types? How would you describe yourself? How do others view you? How do you behave at your best? How about when under stress? Take the test to find out the answers to these questions and more.

Are You Living up to Your Potential?

The CPI 260 measures your level of life satisfaction from low to high.  Those at the high end believe they can cope effectively with the demands of living.  Those who are low feel their potential is not being realized.  Where do you fall on the scale?  When you read your report, you will have the answer to this question.

Your report includes a feedback session

After you finish your test, you can schedule your mandatory feedback session to receive your report. You will receive an e-mail calendar to sign up for a group feedback session. Other people with the same report will be on the call. Please be sure to choose your correct time zone on the calendar.

If you prefer an individual feedback session, please e-mail:

In the session you receive an in-depth explanation of what the report shows and how it relates to you.

How to get your Client Feedback Report:

Use our secure server to pay with your credit card. You can either take the test immediately online, or at a later date. You will receive an e-mail with your access code, which you can use for yourself or for someone else. You can order as many access codes as you need. Your access codes do not expire, so you can use them as you need them. After you finish your test, you can schedule your mandatory feedback session online. You can book a session for yourself or one for your entire group. You will receive your report by e-mail during your feedback session. In the session you receive an in-depth explanation of what the report shows and how it relates to you. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view your report (Download it for free at

CPI 260 Client Feedback Report - $95 View Sample

10 Reports: $85.50 each

25 Reports: $80.75 each


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Your will receive an eight page report. The test has 260 questions, requires an 8th grade reading level, takes about 25 minutes to complete and is recommended for people 13 years and older.

CPI 260 Client Feedback Report


Upgrade & Get Two Reports from One Test: Client Feedback Report Plus the Coaching Report for Leaders - $185

You can two combined reports from one test. In addition to the Client Feedback Report, you can also get the Coaching Report for Leaders for an additional $85. The Coaching Report compares your answers to executives and senior managers in 18 subject areas that are common in the workplace. Some examples include Understanding Others, Self-Awareness, Resilience, Decisiveness, Creativity, and more. Click here to view a sample Coaching report for Leaders.

10 Reports - $166.50 each

25 Reports - $157.25 each

Feedback and Coaching Report for Leaders

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