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Research has shown that effective teams are more productive, save organizations money and have more loyal and happy employees. Using assessments is a cost effective way that can help build a better team. Our assessments can help you:

  • Develop better interpersonal relationships
  • Define the strengths and blind spots of your team members to help them become more effective
  • Determine team members interpersonal needs so they can become better communicators
  • Understand team members personality preferences and learn how that affects important aspects of team building

Choose from these assessments

Myers Briggs Type Indicator® Team Report

The most cost effective assessment for team building. Each report includes:

  • Your team members individual personality type.
  • Your team’s personality type.
  • Your team’s strengths.
  • Your team’s potential blind spots.
  • Your individual contributions to the team.
  • Your potential blind spots.
  • Team problem solving and your preferred problem-solving style.
  • Team communication and your preferred communication style.
  • Team conflict and your conflict style.
  • Similarity/diversity on your team.
  • Organizational influences on your team.
  • Team and individual action plans.
  • Also a Team Facilitator Report which guides the team leader on a team building workshop.

Myers Briggs Type Indicator® Step II:

  • Get an in depth understanding of each person’s personality style.
  • Find out where each person falls on 20 facets related to important aspects of personality including communication style, depth of relationships, focus of energy, decision making and much more.
  • Learn how each team member’s personality relates to communication style, managing conflict and managing stress.


  • The Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation™ (FIRO®) instruments can help you understand your interpersonal needs and how those needs influence your communication style and behavior.
  • Learn to understand each team member’s behavior and the behavior of others in your organization with detailed descriptions related to sociability, depth of your relationships and how much influence and decision making each person need.
  • Identify and compare each person’s style.
  • This detailed report also includes information on Career Development, Team Effectiveness and Leadership style.
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