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#52 Myers-Briggs: Step II Facet Scales & Strong Themes, Part IV; Strong: Realistic Basic Interest Scales; 16PF: Correlation with MBTI, Part VI - Feeling; FIRO-B: Teams & Active Types

#51 Myers-Briggs: Step II Facet Scales & Strong Themes, Part III; Strong: Conventional Theme & College Majors; 16PF: Correlation with MBTI, Part V - Thinking; FIRO-B: Teams & Central Types

#50 Myers-Briggs: Step II Facet Scales & Strong Themes, Part II; Strong: Enterprising Theme & College Majors; 16PF: Correlation with MBTI, Part IV - Intuition; FIRO-B: Teams & Cautious Types

#49 Myers-Briggs: Step II Facet Scales & Strong Themes, Part I; Strong: Social Theme & College Majors; 16PF: Correlation with MBTI, Part III - Sensing; FIRO-B: Teams & Reserved Types

#48 Myers-Briggs: Communicating with ENTJs; Strong: Artistic Theme & College Majors; 16PF: Correlation with MBTI, Part II - Introversion; FIRO-B: Wanted Affection

#47 Myers-Briggs: Communicating with ENTPs; Strong: Investigative Theme & College Majors; 16PF: Correlation with MBTI, Part I - Extraversion; FIRO-B: Wanted Control

#46 Myers-Briggs: Communicating with INTPs; Strong: Realistic Theme & College Majors; 16PF: Factor Q4 - Tension; FIRO-B: Wanted Inclusion

#45 Myers-Briggs: Communicating with INTJs; Strong:2004 Conventional Theme; 16PF: Factor Q3 - Perfectionism; FIRO-B: Expressed Affection

#44 Myers-Briggs: Communicating with ENFJs; Strong:2004 Enterprising Theme; 16PF: Factor Q2 - Self-Reliance; FIRO-B: Expressed Control

#43 Myers-Briggs: Communicating with ENFPs; Strong: 2004 Social Theme; 16PF: Factor Q1 - Openness; FIRO-B: Expressed Inclusion

#42 Myers-Briggs: Communicating with INFPs; Strong: 2004 Artistic Theme; 16PF: Factor O - Apprehension; FIRO-B: Role Satisfaction III

#41 Myers-Briggs: Communicating with INFJs; Strong: 2004 Investigative Theme; 16PF: Factor N - Privateness; FIRO-B: Role Satisfaction II

#40 Myers-Briggs: Communicating with ESFJs; Strong: 2004 Realistic Theme; 16PF: Factor M - Abstractedness; FIRO-B: Role Satisfaction I

#39 Myers-Briggs: Communicating with ESFPs; Strong Interest: Flat Profiles; 16PF: Factor L - Vigilance; FIRO-B: Role Preferences III

#38 Myers-Briggs: Communicating with ISFPs; Strong Interest: Snowballing; 16PF: Factor I - Sensitivity; FIRO-B: Role Preferences II

#37 Myers-Briggs: Communicating with ISFJs; Strong Interest: Social Behavior; 16PF: Factor H - Social Boldness; FIRO-B: Role Preferences I

#36 Myers-Briggs: Communicating with ESTJs; Strong Interest: Education Levels; 16PF: Factor G - Rule Consciousness; FIRO-B: Need for Affection

#35 Myers-Briggs: Communicating with ESTPs; Strong Interest: Unemployment & Job Shifts; 16PF: Factor F - Lively vs. Serious; FIRO-B: Need for Control

#34 Myers-Briggs: Communicating with ISTPs; Strong Interest: Career Aspirations & Achievement; 16PF: Factor E - Dominance; FIRO-B: Need for Inclusion

#33 Myers-Briggs: Communicating with ISTJs; Strong Interest: Changes in 2004 Revision; 16PF: Factor C - Emotional Stability; FIRO-B: Total Need for Affection

#32 Myers-Briggs: INTPs, ESFJs, & Stress; Strong Interest: No Clear Pattern; 16PF: Factor A - Warmth; FIRO-B: Teams & Total Need for Control

#31 Myers-Briggs: INFPs, ESTJs & Stress; Strong Interest: Types and Retirement; FIRO-B: Work Environment - Inclusion

#30 Myers-Briggs: ENTJs, ISFPs & Stress; Strong Interest: Conventional Types In-depth; FIRO-B: Leadership & Total Expressed Behavior

#29 Myers-Briggs: ENFJs, ISTPs, & Stress; Strong Interest: Enterprising Types In-depth; FIRO-B Leadership and Affection

#28 Myers-Briggs: INTJs, ESFPs, & Stress; Strong Interest: Social Types In-depth; FIRO-B: Leadership Patterns & Control

#27 Myers-Briggs: INFJs, ESTPs, & Stress; Strong Interest: Investigative Types In-depth; FIRO-B: Leadership Patterns & Inclusion

#26 Myers-Briggs: ENTPs, ISFJs, & Stress; Strong Interest: Realistic Types In-Depth; FIRO-B: Team Mismatches Part III 

#25 Myers-Briggs: ENFPs, ISTJs, & Stress; Strong Interest: How Stable Are Results?; FIRO-B: Team Mismatches Part II

#24 Myers-Briggs: INTPs, ESFJs, & Organizations; Strong Interest: Conventional Person-Environment Fit; FIRO-B: Team Mismatches Part I

#23 Myers-Briggs: INFPs, ESTJs & Organizations; Strong Interest: Enterprising Person-Environment Fit; FIRO-B: Team Transitions Part VI

#22 Myers-Briggs: ENTJs, ISFPs, & Organizations; Strong Interest: Social Person-Environment Fit; FIRO-B: Team Transitions Part V

#21 Myers-Briggs: ENFJs, ISTPs & Organizations; Strong Interest: Artistic Person-Environment Fit; FIRO-B: Team Transitions Part IV

#20 Myers-Briggs: INTJs, ESFPs, & Organizations; Strong Interest: Investigative Person-Environment Fit; FIRO-B: Team Transitions Part III

#19 Myers-Briggs: INFJs, ESTPs, & Organizations; Strong Interest: Realistic Person-Environment Fit; FIRO-B: Team Transitions Part II

#18 Myers-Briggs: ENTPs, ISFJs, & Organizations; Strong Interest: Adjacent Types - Conventional; FIRO-B: Team Transitions Part I

#17 Myers-Briggs: ENFPs, ISTJs, & Organizations; Strong Interest: Adjacent Types - Artistic; FIRO-B: Team Conflict Part V

#16 Myers-Briggs: Careers for INTPs and ESFJs; Strong Interest: Adjacent Types - Realistic; FIRO-B: Team Conflict Part IV

#15 Myers-Briggs: Careers for INFPs and ESTJs; Strong Interest: Artistic Types & Job Frequency; FIRO-B: Team Conflict Part III

#14 Myers-Briggs: Careers for ENTJs & ISFPs; Strong Interest: Science Basic Interest Scales; FIRO-B: Team Conflict Part II

#13 Myers-Briggs: Careers for ENFJs and ISTPs; Strong Interest: Athletics Basic Interest Scale; FIRO-B: Team Conflict Part I

#12 Myers-Briggs: Careers for INTJs & ESFPs; Strong Interest: Law/Politics Basic Interest Scale; FIRO-B: Innovation & Creativity

#11 Myers-Briggs: Careers for INFJs & ESTPs; Strong Interest: Computer Activities Basic Interest Scale; FIRO-B: Control vs. MBTI Thinking-Feeling

#10 Myers-Briggs: Careers for ENTPs & ISFJs; Strong Interest: Teaching Basic Interest Scale; FIRO-B: Coping Styles; TKI: What's Wrong with Collaborating?

#9 Myers-Briggs: Careers for ENFPs & ISTJs; Strong Interest: Writing Basic Interest Scale; FIRO-B: 360-degree reviews & manager ratings; TKI: What's Wrong with Compromising?

#8 Myers-Briggs: Is there a "Home" & "Work" Personality?; Strong Interest: Congruence; FIRO-B: Team Chemistry Part II; TKI: What's Wrong with Accommodating?

#7 Myers-Briggs: Manager Personalities in the U.S., Mexico, Canada, & England; FIRO-B: Team Chemistry Part I; TKI: What's Wrong with Competing?

#6 Myers-Briggs: Who becomes a psychologist?; Strong Interest: Flat Profiles; FIRO-B: Team Role Mismatches; TKI: What's Wrong with Avoiding?

#5 Myers-Briggs: Step II & Teams; Strong Interest: Risk Taking & Adventure Scale; FIRO-B: Director, Encourager, & Clarifier Roles; TKI: What's Good About Collaborating?

#4 Myers-Briggs: Musicians & Composers; Strong Interest: Leadership Style; TKI: Compromising; FIRO-B: Work in Teams

#3 Myers-Briggs: Office Politician; Strong Interest: Learning Environment; TKI: Accommodating; FIRO-B: Affecting Results

#2 Myers-Briggs: Dental Hygiene Students; Strong Interest: Work Style Scales; TKI: Avoiding; FIRO-B: Total Needs Score

#1 Myers-Briggs: Career Story of an ESTJ & an INFP; Strong Interest: Me a Librarian? TKI: Competing; FIRO-B: Wanted Inclusion



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