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Use the power of the Myers-Briggs instrument to find the 24 Most Popular Careers (and 10 Least Popular!) for your Personality Type

Get more information about good careers for you by taking the official MBTI® Career Test online to find out where you can start looking. The results from over 92,000 people who took the Myers-Briggs personality test were compiled to prepare the tables for this report. Click here to see the sample report.

Learn what job categories people of your type enjoy

There are good reasons why the 16 personality types cluster in certain professions. Usually, it's a job where they can use their strengths. You can be happy and satisfied in any number of careers. Here's a way to get some ideas of where to look. The Myers-Briggs Career Report includes your type's attractiveness ranking on 22 different job families. For example, Business and Finance might be a popular job family for your type, while another type might prefer Computers and Mathematics. You will see what common work tasks and work environments your type prefers, along with suggested action steps you can take.

Find out how your type affects your career development

See where others have gone before you in their career searches. Every type has potential strengths and challenges in career development. You can see which strategies experts recommend for your type. Take a look at the sample report and see how it can stimulate you to explore new avenues.

Your report includes a feedback session

After you finish your test, you can schedule your mandatory feedback session to receive your report. You will receive an e-mail calendar to sign up for a group feedback session. Other people with the same report will be on the call. Please be sure to choose your correct time zone on the calendar.

If you prefer an individual feedback session, please e-mail:

In the session you receive an in-depth explanation of what the report shows and how it relates to you.

How to get your Myers-Briggs Career Report:

Use our secure server to pay with your credit card. You can either take the test immediately online, or at a later date. You will receive an automatic e-mail with your access code, which you can use for yourself or for someone else. You can order as many access codes as you need. Your access codes do not expire, so you can use them as you need them. After you finish your test, you can schedule your mandatory feedback session online. You can book a session for yourself or one for your entire group. You will receive your report by e-mail during your feedback session. In the session you receive an in-depth explanation of what the report shows and how it relates to you. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view your report (Download it for free at

 MBTI Career Report $70 - View Sample

10 Reports: $54 each

25 Reports: $51 each

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This 9-page report is useful for those who want more career development, to plan a career, or increase job satisfaction. The Myers-Briggs career test has 93 questions, takes 15-20 minutes, and is recommended for those 14 yrs. old and above.

Myers-Briggs Career Report


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