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Looking for the right career for you?

Reentering the workforce?

Looking for more job satisfaction?

Want to Save Time In Your Career Search?

Take the iStartStrong to find jobs that match your interests. Use the combined experience of over 55,000 employees to narrow your search. The people in the sample enjoy their work - you can too.

Discover your interest areas. Find jobs that match you.

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Tell me more about the iStartStrong Interest Inventory

The Strong assessment has been used for decades and provides time-tested, research-validated insights to help individuals in their search for a rich, fulfilling career. Based on the same research as the Strong Interest Inventory and it is used extensively by career counselors, in organizations and educational institutions of all sizes. Report is authored by leading career expert Judith Grutter.

Includes your match to:

  • 6 General Occupational Themes
  • Top 5 Specific Interests
  • 25 More Specific Interests
  • 25 Top Career Matches
  • Other Areas of Study
  • Related Career Fields
  • Activities You Might Enjoy
  • And Much More!

How to get your iStartStrong Interpretive Report:

  1. Click the Buy Now Button below.
  2. Receive an e-mailed receipt and an e-mail with your unique test code and the test center link.
  3. Report will be e-mailed to you. NO FEEDBACK SESSION required.

iStartStrong Interpretive Report $55 - View Sample

10 Reports: $50.00 each

Your report is an 8-page Interpretive report. The iStartStrong career test online has 291 questions and takes about 35-40 minutes to complete. It requires an 8th grade reading level and is suitable for those 14 yrs. old and above. You can take the test anytime. The codes never expire. You can start and stop the test.

iStartStrong Report

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