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  • Among top 4 types in college GPA.
  • In national sample "Leisure Activities," overrepresented in "Working out/exercising."
  • Academic subjects preferred: English, science.
  • In national sample, highest of all types in liking work environments with "Variety of tasks," "People from a variety of backgrounds," and "International opportunities"
  • Lowest of all types in liking work environments with "No expectation of extra hours" and "Toeing the line."
  • Include "Independence and achievement" and "Clear structure" among top 3 desirable characteristics.
  • Greatest work environment satisfiers are opportunities to use talents and contribute to society, job security, opportunities for learning and for accomplishment.
  • In national sample, 1 of 2 types most satisfied with their work, where they work, and future work opportunities, unlikely to leave job, and among those with the highest income.
  • With ESTJs, had the 2nd highest mean level of coping resources.
  • Ranked 1st of all 16 types in using physical coping resources.
  • In national sample, highest in coping with stress by "Trying to think of options."
  • In national sample, ranked 2nd highest in "No" and 4th highest in "Not sure" re: "Belief in higher spiritual power."

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