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For years people have been asking to write a book about what folks have told me during our conversations. Here it is:


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Not sure if you prefer Extraversion or Introversion?  How about Sensing and Intuition?  If you’ve had trouble deciding which of the four letters fit you best on the Myers-Briggs© scales, this book is for you.  The challenge many of us face is we have no way to compare ourselves to other people. Since I have spoken to thousands of people over the years, I am able to pass along insights you cannot have without that kind of contact.


Here's what one reviewer wrote:

"I've always found the results of personality tests confusing and I often find myself between two 'types' the Myers-Briggs test is no different! This book really helps you to understand the differences between the types and how to select the best fit for you. I know it sounds silly, but I was pleased to read that it's common for people to be 'a bit of both' from the pairs of categories and that you can even be undecided in some at the end. Rather than filling in multiple choice questions you are presented with jokes that one side likes, or stories that reveal your true inclination. I discovered that I am a thinker and my boyfriend is a feeler, against the gender norms (and him being a computer person which you'd think would put him firmly in thinker!). I found it a fascinating read and would recommend it to anyone who's interested in personality types."

Unlike other books on personality, there are no descriptions of the 16 types. I assume you already are familiar with that material and have taken the MBTI© already. There are no sections about function pairs, order of preference, careers or romance. Instead, there are many real-life examples, as well as “what-if” scenarios, to help choose which of the 8 styles fit you best.  This is the only place you will read about Intuitive Disease or Perceiver Disease. There is a chapter about issues that NF types face, as well as a chapter for NT types. The main thing that sets this book apart is the everyday examples, like how you arrange your clothing, or what you order in a restaurant. You'll also have to answer questions about how you would act in different situations. If you really enjoy reading about personality types, you're sure to like all the examples I've gathered from clients since 2001. By the way, you did notice the face inside the question mark in the image above, correct?




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