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Why Executive Coaching?

Individual and group coaching helps leaders and executives with professional development. Through creating awareness and striving for growth and learning an individual action plan is created. The focus is on improving performance by learning new perspectives, skills, self knowledge and behaviors.

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Identify opportunities for growth.

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Become a better leader.

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Overcome Blindspots.

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Support and create long term learning.

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Monitor progress and hold one accountable.

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Facilitate solutions by addressing the tough issues.

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More About Davidson

Davidson is a Leadership and Career Coach. He delivers learning and development programs at tech companies. He has more than a decade in talent attraction and development. At Google, he led the University Recruiting team that hired and developed thousands of University students. Also, he has trained hundreds of individuals and teams on leadership, presentation skills, and giving and receiving feedback. He is passionate about developing others and helping them accomplish their goals.

Our Customized & Proven Programs

People Manager

The People Manager Development Program sets the foundation for becoming an effective leader. Leadership is situational and people learn best from experience, so you’ll practice key takeaways in a “sandbox.”

Coaching Skills for People Managers

This is an interactive workshop for new or seasoned managers looking to increase their effectiveness and improve performance. Participants will learn to apply a simple yet effective coaching model that produces results.

Giving and Receiving

This workshop will create a safe environment for your team members to give and receive feedback well. Participants will practice giving and receiving feedback using an effective and easy-to-remember model.

Team Building &

We'll leverage the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) to increase your team’s productivity by improving awareness of their preferences, communication styles, and decision making...


Conflict is inevitable and can hinder performance and moral. In a nonjudgmental format our assessments and training will help employees understand the causes of conflict and the best methods...


Career coaching is offered either individually or in groups through videoconferences. Whether just starting the career search, a midlevel change in careers, or re-entering the workforce career coaching...

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