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The People Manager Development Program sets the foundation for becoming an effective leader. Leadership is situational and people learn best from experience, so you’ll practice key takeaways in a “sandbox.”

Who Should Attend

Aspiring and mid-level managers who want to motivate and lead their team to achieve greater results.


  • Increase awareness of your strengths, preferences and values.
  • Become a more trusted and credible leader: improve your communication and listening skills.
  • Increase your team’s impact by cultivating team values through goal-setting, cultivating commitment and increasing accountability.
  • Create a collaborative work environment to achieve faster, sustainable results.
  • Retain your most talented employees by being more responsive to their development needs.


  • Self-awareness through Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
  • Improving communication and listening skills
  • Creating a high performing team
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Coaching skills
  • Leadership simulation - practice and experiment the skills you learned in a safe environment


Coaching is a powerful skill that allows leaders to expand their team members’ capabilities, increase productivity, and improve engagement. This is an interactive workshop for new or seasoned People Managers looking to increase their effectiveness and improve team performance. Participants will learn to apply a simple yet effective coaching model that produces results.

Who Should Attend

People Managers, Supervisors and Leads looking to increase their effectiveness and improve team performance.


  • Identify the skill and motivation levels of employees
  • Leverage coaching to empower and develop team members
  • Flex your approach based on the situation


Giving feedback is an effective way to develop and motivate team members. Unfortunately, team members often avoid giving constructive feedback because of the fear of causing conflict or discord. This workshop will create a safe environment for your team members to give and receive feedback well. Participants will practice giving and receiving feedback using an effective and easy-to-remember model.

Who Should Attend

Individual Contributors, People Managers, and intact teams.


  • Help each other develop and grow through feedback.
  • Create and hold accountability.
  • Increase trust and connection with team members.


Building a high performing team isn’t just about having the best talent. It takes trust, the willingness to engage in productive conflict, a focus on results, and more. We'll leverage the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) to increase your team’s productivity by improving awareness of their preferences, communication styles, and decision making.

Who Should Attend

Intact teams


  • Gain a better appreciation of differences including individual strengths and challenges.
  • Gain an understand how to better communicate with one another.
  • Improve conflict management and group decision making


Improve your team’s effectiveness and productivity through understanding what conflict is and how to resolve it. Conflict is inevitable and can hinder performance and moral. In a nonjudgmental format our assessments and training will help employees understand the causes of conflict and the best methods for reducing it.

Who Should Attend

All Employees


  • Reduce Employee Turnover
  • Create harmony
  • Improve productivity
  • Reduce Stress
  • Develop better relationships


Career coaching is offered either individually or in groups through videoconferences. Whether just starting the career search, a midlevel change in careers, or re-entering the workforce career coaching can help you develop an action plan and stick to it.


  • Find the best career fits for you
  • Create an individualized action plan to follow
  • Keep you on track for achieving your goals
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