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Strong Interest Inventory®: Social Behavior

Another interesting thing about the theme codes on the Strong is how they can predict how much they interact with others.  As with all statistics, these studies describe groups, and cannot predict how any one individual in a group will behave.  You might be a very sociable person in a group not known for that quality. It doesn't mean the statistics are incorrect or there's something wrong with you.  It means simply that many people in the group will tend to follow the pattern.

As you might imagine, those who are highest on the Social scale tend to participate most in social activities, and often gravitate towards leadership positions in such groups.  Enterprising types are the second most likely to do so.  The other personality types participate in far fewer cases. 

Competency in interpersonal relationships tends to follow this pattern, from high to low: Social, Enterprising, Artistic, Investigative, Conventional, & Realistic.

As is true with other topics related to the Strong, people tend to enjoy the company of others with similar types.  For example, Realistic types generally prefer to spend social time with other Realistic people.  The opposite is also true: the more dissimilar the personality types, the more likely people will have conflict or dislike each other.  For instance, it would seem that Conventional and Artistic types are most dissimilar.  Other mismatches include Social and Realistic, and Enterprising and Investigative.

Similar to other factors, the more closely a person fits one personality style, the more likely the above will hold true.  If a person has a clear preference for the Artistic style, for example, it's more likely he or she will enjoy spending time with other Artistic types.

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