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Strong Interest Inventory®: Person - Environment Fit, Part VI

One of the foundations underlying the Strong is the idea that both people and environments can be sorted into six primary areas. While it's true that most jobs and people are more complex than a single category, it's likely the case that one of the six environmental types is dominant in a workplace. The concept is that the more closely a person's personality matches his or her work environment, the more likely that person is to enjoy a career, stay in a job, or persist in developing a career.

This time we'll examine how this interaction works with Conventional environments and people.

Conventional people tend to see themselves as having technical skills in business or producing goods or services, but lacking artistic skills. Other people can describe Conventional types as careful or conforming. They often value material or financial success and accomplishments, as well as political, business, or social power. Conventional people usually prefer to work with established, orderly routines and like to maintain or develop standards. This type tends to avoid ambiguous or unstructured workplaces.

As with the other five types, Conventional jobs are similar to Conventional people. These jobs often require clerical skills or meeting precise, well-defined performance standards. Organizational ability, conformity, and dependability are usually rewarded in these positions. Many of these jobs involve working with numbers, things, or machines to meet specific, predictable goals. Conventional jobs frequently involve paying attention to routines and concern for orderliness.

Examples of typical Conventional jobs include production editor, bookkeeper, medical records technician, bank cashier, IRS tax auditor, office clerk, proofreader, and office manager.

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