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Strong Interest Inventory®: Person - Environment Fit, Part IV

One of the foundations underlying the Strong is the idea that both people and environments can be sorted into six primary areas. While it's true that most jobs and people are more complex than a single category, it's likely the case that one of the six environmental types is dominant in a workplace. The concept is that the more closely a person's personality matches his or her work environment, the more likely that person is to enjoy a career, stay in a job, or persist in developing a career.

This issue we'll examine how this interaction works with Social environments and people.

Social people frequently see themselves as being patient, empathetic, and having good interpersonal skills. On the other hand, they can describe themselves as lacking mechanical skills. Others describe Social types as extroverted, agreeable, or nurturing. Social types usually value fostering the welfare of others and all forms of social service. They generally enjoy professions that involve teaching, counseling, treating, helping, or serving other people through direct personal interaction.

Social jobs share many of the same characteristics. They often involve mentoring, concern for other people, teaching, healing, or interpersonal competency. Empathy, friendliness, humanitarianism, or sociability are rewarded or expected in these jobs. Social jobs usually involve working with other people in a helpful, caring, or facilitating way. Examples of Social jobs include clergy member, guidance counselor, child care provider, elementary school teacher, or public health nurse.


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