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Strong Interest Inventory®: Person - Environment Fit, Part I

One of the foundations underlying the Strong is the idea that both people and environments can be sorted into six primary areas. While it's true that most jobs and people are more complex than a single category, it's likely the case that one of the six environmental types is dominant in a workplace. The concept is that the more closely a person's personality matches his or her work environment, the more likely that person is to enjoy a career, stay in a job, or persist in developing a career.

This time we'll examine how this interaction works with Realistic environments and people.

Realistic people tend to like working with tools, machines, and things. They value material rewards for tangible accomplishments. Many times they view themselves as practical, conservative, with good mechanical skills, but lacking people skills. Others might say they are normal people who are frank. There is a tendency among this type to avoid interaction with people.

Realistic environments match these traits in many ways. Jobs that are classified as Realistic often require mechanical ability or manual dexterity, and the ability to skillfully use tools, machines, or objects. These jobs tend to reward behavior that conforms to some standard and involves practical task accomplishment. Realistic jobs support the values of being solid, practical, and concrete, as well as risk taking and adventure. Examples of jobs that fit this category are painter, carpenter, rancher, forest ranger, telephone technician, truck driver, or corrections officer.


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