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Strong Interest Inventory®: In-Depth Look at Social Types

This time we'll look more closely at Social types.  First, let's consider jobs.  As discussed in previous articles, Social types prefer to work with similar people involved in helping by informing, training, developing, curing, or enlightening others.  They tend to dislike systematic and ordered activities using tools, materials, or machines, such as commonly found in Realistic professions.

Social types tend to value ethical and social problems and want to serve others.  They believe in equality for all.  They believe it's desirable to be helpful and forgiving, but aren't as interested in logical or intellectual activities or leading an exciting life.  They generally value religion and aspire to be a competent parent, teacher, or therapist, for example.

The self-image of Social types involves seeing themselves as liking to help others, being able to understand others, and having teaching and social skills, but not having mechanical or scientific abilities.  Many would be frustrated if they had to write a textbook or anything that requires great precision and patience, such as repairing a mechanical watch.  They feel the greatest gratification when they can teach or help others.  Their belief system is moderately open, with somewhat traditional values.  They tend to have moderate self-esteem.

When solving problems, Social types tend to consider the human factors.  For them, problems occur in a social context, so they tend to use cooperation, understanding, and seeking help from others to solve problems.

Some adjectives used to describe this type include helpful, agreeable, generous, patient, warm, kind, empathetic, tactful, responsible, idealistic, persuasive, understanding, cooperative, and friendly.

As before, it's common for people to be a combination of more than one type.  No description will match everyone.  There are likely to be aspects of the above Investigative types will disagree with.  Each person has to decide for him- or herself which parts are accurate.

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