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Strong Interest Inventory®: In-Depth Look at Realistic Types

This issue we'll look more closely at Realistic types.  First, let's consider jobs.  As discussed in previous newsletters, Realistic types prefer to work with similar people involved in practical problem solving.  They are least likely to want to engage in Social kinds of activities.  Many Realistic people have a narrow range of interests.

Realistic types tend to have traditional values and work within the "system," whatever it might be.  Many have a strong belief in freedom, as well as ambition, being practical, and self-control.  Forgiveness is not a common value.  Realistic types tend to value concrete things (car, home, etc.).  Many have a very closed system of beliefs and values, which do not change.

The self-image of Realistic types is often one involving technical, mechanical, or athletic abilities.  Many enjoy working with tools, machines, electronics, or their hands.  Others report disliking and performing poorly at scholastic tasks (e.g. taking tests).  Some Realistic see themselves as having low interpersonal skills, and believe Social jobs, such as teaching, would be frustrating.  Interestingly, some report relatively low self-esteem, but high confidence in their Realistic skills.

When solving problems, Realistic types use those aspects of their personalities described above.  They prefer problems "that have a solution," as one person put it.  In other words, they like practical, concrete, and structured solutions, instead of scholarly, clerical, or imaginative activities.

Some adjectives used to describe this type include genuine, hardheaded, realistic, inflexible, practical, reserved, lacking insight, normal, materialistic, persistent, conforming, dogmatic, natural, and self-effacing.

As before, it's common for people to be a combination of more than one type.  No description will match everyone.  There are likely to be aspects of the above Realistic types will disagree with.  Each person has to decide for him- or herself which parts are accurate.


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