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Strong Interest Inventory®: In-Depth Look at Enterprising Types

This time we'll look more closely at Enterprising types.  First, let's consider jobs.  As discussed in previous newsletters, Enterprising types prefer to work with similar people in manipulating others to attain organizational goals or economic gain.  They are generally disinterested in observational, systematic, or symbolic activities.  They usually prefer to avoid Investigative activities.

Enterprising types tend to have traditional values, such as political and economic achievement.  They tend to be ambitious, and often aspire to become leaders in commerce, the community, or public affairs.  Many like to be well-dressed.  Enterprising types tend to look down on being forgiving or helpful as goals.  They often value controlling others while being free from control themselves.

The self-image of Enterprising types involves seeing themselves as aggressive, self-confident, popular, sociable, having leadership and public speaking abilities, and lacking scientific abilities.  They often find holding a position of power quite gratifying.  Enterprising types tend to have high self-esteem and a closed belief system (i.e. they are unlikely to change their beliefs or values).

Some adjectives used to describe this type include assertive, forceful, optimistic, domineering, energetic, acquisitive, resourceful, excitement-seeking, and self-confident.

As before, it's common for people to be a combination of more than one type.  No description will match everyone.  There are likely to be aspects of the above Investigative types will disagree with.  Each person has to decide for him- or herself which parts are accurate.


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