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Strong Interest Inventory In-Depth Look at Conventional Types

This time we'll look more closely at Conventional types.  First, let's consider jobs.  As discussed in previous articles, Conventional types prefer to work with data in an orderly, systematic, and explicit way, such as keeping records.  They dislike ambiguous, exploratory, or unsystematic activities.  They often have clerical, computational, and business system abilities, and are least likely to have Artistic competencies.

Conventional types tend to value business and economic achievement.  Many believe becoming an expert in finance or business, having a comfortable life, and working a lot are all valuable goals.  Usually, they prefer to work within an organization's structure.  Their values often include traditional virtues, as well as ambition, politeness, and obedience.  Conventional types tend to have a very closed belief system.  They find being forgiving or imaginative less important than other values.

The self-image of Conventional types includes the ideas of being conforming and orderly.  They often have good numerical and clerical skills.  They consider themselves good at business, but weak in the arts.  They often enjoy record keeping and doing computational work.  Conventional types tend to have low self-esteem.

Some adjectives used to describe this type include thorough, efficient, methodical, persistent, careful, conscientious, practical, inflexible, dogmatic, conforming, thrifty, and inhibited.

As before, it's common for people to be a combination of more than one type.  No description will match everyone.  There are likely to be aspects of the above Conventional types will disagree with.  Each person has to decide for him- or herself which parts are accurate.

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