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Strong Interest Inventory®: Education Levels

One interesting thing about the theme codes on the Strong is how they can predict how much education a person pursues.  As with all statistics, these studies describe groups, and cannot predict how any one individual in a group will behave.  So if you're a highly educated person with interests that are at the lower end of the scales, that's okay.  It doesn't mean the statistics are incorrect or there's something wrong with you.  It means simply that many people in a group will tend to follow the pattern.

So which types have the highest educational aspirations?  Generally speaking, from high to low, it's Investigative, Social, Artistic, Conventional, Enterprising, and Realistic types .  This holds true the greater a person's similarity to one personality type is.  For example, if your pattern is clearly Social, it's more likely you'll match the group's tendencies.  Again, this is not mandatory, merely a common pattern.

Educational achievement follows the same groupings: Investigative, Social, Artistic, Conventional, Enterprising and Realistic.  This would make sense, as many Realistic jobs, for example, have limited formal education requirements, while Investigative jobs, such as scientist, require quite rigorous academic preparation.

As is true with other topics related to the Strong, students usually do better with a teaching style that matches their personalities.  For example, Social students will probably do better with teachers who also have that style and teach those kinds of classes. Once again, it comes down to alignment between interests and activities.


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