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Conventional Theme & College Majors

The latest version of the Strong was released in December 2004.  One study looked at the relationship between themes on the Strong and the college majors chosen by the participants.  This time we'll look at those who scored highest on the Conventional scale.

Let's start with the men.  The top college majors for this group were Computer Technology, Information Systems, Marketing, Management, Administration, Engineering, Psychology, and Biological Science.

For women, the list included Accounting, Information Systems, Finance, Administration, International Business, Management, Mathematics, and Marketing.

As with all statistics, these results cannot predict how any one individual will respond to the Strong based on his or her major alone.  It's also true that people with the same majors had different top themes on the Strong.  Therefore, no one should pick or drop a major because his or her top theme on the Strong might indicate it’s not as popular with the group.


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