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Introducing the Strong Interest Inventory® College and High School Reports

Many of you are familiar with the Strong Interest Inventory. While the Interpretive and Professional reports are often used with working adults, there are other versions created specifically for students: the College and High School Reports.

Both reports use the same basic questions as the other Strong reports. What is different is how the results are compiled and how the information is presented. For example, high school students learn about which summer jobs or school activities might be interesting for them, based on their results. High school students can learn about non-college options for careers that interest them. College students can learn which fields of study, future careers, extracurricular activities, internships, etc. would likely interest them. The Strong is a great aid in choosing a college major for those who cannot decide.

Both student reports include the six-page Snapshot, as do the other Strong reports. Students will get recommendations for specific careers, as well as general directions. They'll also learn which kinds of classes would be most useful, such as hands-on training, group projects, traditional classroom, and more. Both reports include worksheets so students and parents can take the information from the reports and use it to create plan for the future.


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