Career Aspiration and Achievement

One interesting thing about the theme codes on the Strong is how they can predict career achievement or career aspiration level.  As with all statistics, these studies describe groups, and cannot predict how any one individual in a group will behave.  So if you're a highly accomplished person in the low group, it doesn't mean there’s something wrong with the data or with you.  It means simply that many people in the group will tend to follow the pattern.

So who are the high aspirers?  From high to low, it's Enterprising, Social, Artistic, Investigative, Conventional, and Realistic people.  The achievers tend to go in the same order, so there is a relationship between what people aspire to and what they eventually achieve.

Achievement in creative areas follows this pattern (high to low): Artistic, Investigative, Social, Enterprising, Realistic, and Conventional.

Accomplishments in any field are more likely when a person's interests and his or her field are in alignment.  In other words, an Enterprising person would likely do better in an Enterprising occupation than in a Realistic one.


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