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The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® and Stress: ISTPs and ENFJs


Let's start with our friends the ISTPs.  How can you tell when an ISTP is under stress, particularly at work?

There are common signs that an ISTP is feeling stress.  For example, they might become sarcastic instead of simply critical, they sometimes act in a passive-aggressive manner, they might have explosive outbursts, or have great trouble setting priorities.  Others become lost in their own, private inner world, and completely withdraw from interacting with other people.  Some ISTPs try to force the facts to fit their logical view of the world, even when they know it's impossible.  Finally, some stressed ISTPs will simply become inactive and do nothing.

Some factors that can cause ISTPs to experience stress include people who are take issues too personally, when they feel they are being treated unfairly or illogically, or when common sense and logic are ignored and a problem results.  This is even harder if the ISTP has been trying to help others to see the correct way to solve the issue.  If ISTPs are pressured into making quick decisions without time to reflect on what’s important or logical, they can feel stressed.

In contrast, our ENFJ friends react differently to stress.  They tend to become pessimistic and self-critical.  Others can become pushy, bossy, and impatient with other people.  Some ENFJs turn patronizing, while others pretend as if everything were just fine, even though it is not.  ENFJs can insist on maintaining the illusion of harmony, although people know there’s a major problem at hand.  Some ENFJs will constantly search for the "truth" that will explain everything.

Some stressors for ENFJs include having their beliefs challenged, being "unfairly" or "harshly" criticized by someone they trust or hold dear, and people who are unwilling to try to resolve personal differences.  Part of the problem can be self-inflicted: ENFJs can misinterpret the actions of others as having negative intentions or the start of something bad.


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