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The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® and Stress: ISFPs and ENTJs


Let's start with ISFPs.  How can you tell when an ISFP is under stress, particularly at work?

One sign is when ISFPs complain about being unappreciated, or when they become very self-critical, and even more so when they become critical of others.  They might act as if they need to solve the world's problems.  They can focus only on the negative, seeing the bleakest outcome in any possible solution.  Many ISFPs isolate themselves from others, even family and friends.  Confusion can surround them, so they lose their easy-going ways.

ISFPs can feel this stress when they are given inadequate time to discuss important issues before making a decision.  Other events that trigger stress include being told they cannot do something, or feeling like they are boxed in, whether by colleagues or by a situation.  If others disrespect the ISFP's values, he or she can feel stress.  ISFPs can struggle with balancing personal freedom with being connected with others.  If the balance shifts too far in either direction, stress can result.

ENTJs, on the other hand, react differently to stress.  They tend to become more aggressive and arrogant, and rely more heavily on logical, rational answers to questions.  They might be closed to new ideas or wallow in self-pity.  Some ENTJs focus exclusively on getting the job completed quickly, without considering any other issues.  Others rehash old mistakes, and ruminate about them.  Still others become highly emotional, reacting strongly to the smallest provocation.

What can cause this stress for ENTJs?  Feeling powerless to make changes or influence others can do it.  So can losing control over their feelings and how they react to other people.  If an ENTJ feels he or she is no longer connected to his or her internal sense of competence, stress can result.  Finally, if an ENTJ is hesitant about moving forward and taking advantage of opportunities, he or she can feel stress.


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