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The Myers-Briggs Type IndicatorĀ® and Stress: INTJs and ESFPs


Let's start with our friends the INTJs.  How can you tell when an INTJ is under stress, particularly at work?

Some signs INTJs are stressing include refusing or ignoring the help of others, questioning their own competence, becoming preoccupied with insignificant details, and making even simple task seem very complicated.  Other INTJs can have a distorted view of reality or become confused, instead of their usual clear-headed selves.  Some will become aggressive and try to force the completion of a task or project.

What causes stress to build up for INTJs?  Working with people who are slow to make agreed-upon changes can cause stress.  Likewise, if they must continuously justify their decisions or actions, they will probably start to feel stress.  INTJs have a tough time with people they consider incompetent and stubborn.  Finally, if there is continual, long-term emotional turbulence in a personal relationship, INTJs can feel a great deal of stress.

Let's take a look at ESFPs.  Under stress, they might feel intimidated, become blunt, be hyperactive, too talkative, and disturbing to others.  Others become overwhelmed by negative possibilities, while some turn overly sensitive.  They might personalize comments by others, or misattribute meanings to events.  Still others can become overly emotional, full of guilt, or lose their joy for life.

Stress for ESFPs can be caused by a number of factors, such as being told they can't do something.  If they feel they are being fenced in or forced to do something they dislike in a rush, stress can result.  If their values are not respected, they can feel stress, even if their values are not known to the rest of the group.  Finally, ESFPs dislike people who misinterpret their desire to have fun as a lack of respect for serious issues.


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