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The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® and Stress: INFJs and ESTPs

Let's start with our friends the INFJs.  How can you tell when an INFJ is under stress, particularly at work?

One common way to tell that INFJs are feeling stressed is when they limit their options to just one.  They might insist there is only one solution to a problem.  Others become extremely critical or angry, often blaming people for their troubles.  Some INFJs accuse other people of failing to help, while some will make even the simplest task unnecessarily complex.  There can be paradoxical behavior: some INFJs might extravert a great deal, saying harsh things with little regard for the feelings of others.  In contrast, some INFJs can become rather introspective and shut themselves off from the world or outside help.  Still other INFJs set unrealistic goals for themselves, which just makes matters worse.  Finally, some INFJs might eat or drink too much.

What are possible stressors for INFJs?  Well, being forced to learn or retain vast amounts of detailed information can often have that affect.  Being around too many people, particularly those whom the INFJ considers shallow can be stressful.  If the INFJ feels like he or she is under great critical scrutiny, they can feel overwhelmed.  Finally, if people are underappreciated or emotional charged conflict is not resolved, INFJs can feel stressed.

In contrast, when ESTPs are under stress, then can lose their sense of humor and become quite sarcastic.  Others become disorganized, forget things, and lose their drive and ambition.  Some ESTPs isolate themselves from others, feeling as if no one cares about them.  They can appear to think only about themselves, or become passive-aggressive, or extremely competitive.  Some ESTPs can try to use their intuition and figure out what’s going on, but they often draw the wrong conclusions when stressed.  Still others try to overcome stressful feelings by staying in constant motion or action, without considering what it is they are doing.

Things that can cause stress to erupt for ESTPs include having their trustworthiness or abilities challenged.  Feeling penned in, with no possibility to act independently or make changes can be stressful for many ESTPs.  If people accuse them of not putting in enough effort on a project, some ESTPs can feel misunderstood and resentful.  Likewise, when others accuse them of lacking commitment or wanting to play instead of taking care of their responsibilities, ESTPs can feel stressed.


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