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The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® and ISFPs and ENTJs in Organizations


This time we'll consider ISFPs and ENTJs and examine where they might fit best and some of the possible weak spots for each.

A satisfactory workplace for an ISFP will likely include some quiet time and space for privacy. Many ISFPs like to work in a cooperative, low-key environment with courteous coworkers. They are likely to prefer work that has an immediate, practical outcome, yet provides a good measure of flexibility and job security. They usually enjoy work that focuses on helping people and includes direct interaction. Many ISFPs put great effort into taking care of others. Likewise, they will often be attuned to how the company treats its employees. They rarely want to be leaders. They usually prefer to work in a team. ISFPs are more likely to praise than criticize others.

There are a few areas where ISFPs might need to be more aware. For example, then can be too trusting or unwilling to challenge others. Sometimes, being skeptical can be useful. Since ISFPs often want to avoid conflict, they can refuse to offer critique when needed. Learning to give negative feedback can be difficult for them. Conversely, they can be too self-critical and easily offended or hurt by others. ISFPs can often benefit from learning to be more assertive and treating themselves as well as they treat others. With their here-and-now focus, they can ignore or miss future implications of current actions.

Now let's turn our attention to ENTJs. For many, a goal-oriented workplace is the best. They usually prefer to work with independent, competent colleagues who are focused on bottom-line results. ENTJs like efficiency and decisiveness. Many of them are comfortable dealing with highly complex problems, strategies, and systems-level challenges. Many ENTJs like demanding jobs where there are rewards for risk-taking, effort, and results. They frequently are good at developing careful plans, and have a tough, take-charge style. They often like to be the boss. ENTJs tend to be energetic and action-oriented, and can usually be counted on to do whatever it takes to get the job done.

Of course, there are areas that might be of concern. ENTJs are rarely praised for their sensitivity to the emotional needs of others. They can ignore the feelings of others, as well as their own. ENTJs can focus so much on the task, that they forget the human side of an issue or problem. They can be too domineering, decide too quickly, and be impatient. ENTJs can assume they have all the "right" answers, ignoring those who have different opinions. Some ENTJs fail to recognize the contributions of others, and show little appreciation or give few compliments. Sometimes they ignore pragmatic limitations in favor of their grand plans. Instead, ENTJs might need to consider all the resources available before charging off to solve the problem.


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