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The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® and INFJs and ESTPs in Organizations


Let's continue with the articles on each type and how they fit into organizations. This issue we'll consider INFJs and ESTPs and examine where they might fit best and some of the possible weak spots for each.

INFJs tend to prefer workplaces that focus on ideals and making a difference in the lives of others. Personal growth and development are important for them and others. They enjoy harmonious environments where people are considerate of one another. INFJs usually follow through on their commitments, are full of integrity and consistency, and often have a future orientation. They tend to be organized, respectful, and cooperative types, working in a quiet, persistent way towards their goals. INFJs often want time alone to concentrate and work on creative ideas. They can be quite determined in pursuing their ideals, often influencing others with their vision. Often, they prefer to work in small groups or alone.

Potential problem areas include the tendency to spend too much time alone, leading to isolation, and the possibility that their vision and ideas are not considered by the group. They can be reluctant to give honest, direct criticism when needed. INFJs might also fall into the trap of believing they know what's best for the future, perhaps ignoring present realities or constraints. Others can lack assertiveness and be unaware of office politics, which can hinder their progress.

Our friends the ESTPs are quite different. If there's one thing they frequently enjoy, it's action. They work quite well during crises, often quickly taking charge. They can be quite persuasive, direct, and assertive. Their focus is often on immediate results. ESTPs usually enjoy workplaces that allow for fun and flexibility in doing the job. While rules can be useful, so can breaking rules when practical. ESTPs are often calculate risk takers who are realistic hands-on learners. They are frequently good at negotiating, seeking to get quick results and move on. ESTPs often enjoy technology and new equipment.

Some areas of concern for ESTPs might be appearing blunt, inconsiderate, and demanding, while ignoring the impact of their actions on people. Because of their here - and - now focus, they can overlook the future or wider implications of today's actions. ESTPs can move from one task to the other without finishing any because a new problem is more interesting than an old one. Other ESTPs might become so involved in outside hobbies or sports that their work can suffer. Their focus on tasks can leave people feeling unappreciated. They can also forget people's feelings in their rush to get things done now.


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