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The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® and Communicating with ISTPs


Let's "talk" about ISTPs.  What are some good ways to communicate with ISTPs?  Well, for one thing, they like people who are logical and direct.  Like many others, they like people who are brief and concise, and who are precise or accurate in the details they provide.  People who describe problems in an objective manner are preferred over those who take a more emotional approach. 

Many ISTPs like realistic, achievable goals, but do not want to be dictated to about how to reach them.  They usually prefer to see a link between what people are telling them now and what has come before.  Likewise, they prefer information to be presented in a sequential manner: first this, then that, etc.

Things to avoid when communicating with ISTPs include presenting information that is illogical or emphasizes the emotional.  They often prefer to avoid personal subjects, particularly at work.  ISTPs rarely enjoy long, drawn-out meetings with endless discussions.  Likewise, they usually do not like to talk about abstract concepts or distant goals. 

Many ISTPs dislike strict guidelines or rules, particularly if they make no sense to them.  Others avoid emotional, excitable, or verbose people.  They tend to be suspicious of people who are too excited about a new idea or theory, especially since it’s unproven.  Finally, many ISTPs dislike close supervision or people who tell them how something "should" be done.


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