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The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® and Communicating with ISTJs


What are some good ways to communicate with ISTJs?  Many of them prefer people who are calm, competent, and reasonable.  They like to receive information in an objective, logical, step-by-step or systematic way.  More detail is better.  ISTJs generally appreciate accuracy, precision, and careful analysis.  Many prefer to focus on one thing at a time, so you might want to limit your discussion to one topic. 

ISTJs are likely to approach any issue from a practical standpoint, and to consider the immediate consequences of a course of action.  Many appreciate people who are frank, honest, direct, and considerate of the consequences of any action.  Like other introverts, ISTJs generally prefer to have some uninterrupted time to reflect and consider options before making a decision.  Pressing for an immediate decision is likely to lead to a "No."

Things to avoid when communicating with ISTJs include expecting to quickly change their minds or make a rapid decision.  People who are highly emotional, animated, loud, or boisterous are unlikely to get an ISTJ's full attention.  They are likely to be suspicious of any grand theory or abstract plan without concrete steps.  At work, ISTJs prefer to avoid personal or emotional subjects. 

Like other Js, they frequently dislike surprises or changes to the existing system, unless change is supported by facts or data.  They really prefer a plan.  They want clarity and are often unhappy with vague comments or instructions.  Finally, when ISTJs criticize at work, they usually do not intend it to be personal in nature.  Therefore, accusing them of doing so will probably result in conflict.


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