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The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® and Communicating with ISFPs


Some things that ISFPs prefer when speaking with others include people who speak personally with them, as opposed to sending an e-mail, people who give gentle, specific feedback, and who focus on the positive as well as critiquing. 

ISFPs often want to be appreciated as individuals, to feel that they are unique.  They usually like to communicate in an affirming, encouraging, or supportive style.  Trust is important to many ISFPs.  They do prefer people who demonstrate common sense, are practical, helpful, and who can provide all the details necessary to make a good decision. 

ISFPs frequently want to have some freedom and flexibility in how they work, and like to be appreciated for their contributions, as do most people.  Many ISFPs appreciate if you take time to get to know them personally, and enjoy learning about you as well.

In contrast, ISFPs rarely respond well to people who are very critical, logical, or theoretical.  If you expect them to trust you immediately, you're likely to be disappointed.  ISFPs tend to resist control or people who want to dictate their actions. 

Highly structured, rigid, and inflexible systems or timelines will usually not appeal to ISFPs.  Since ISFPs tend to be attuned to the human side of any equation, they will notice if you are as well.  Focusing on tasks or goals only usually won’t work. 


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