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The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® and Communicating with ISFJs


It's common for ISFJs to prefer dealing with people who are affirming, considerate, supportive, and who provide positive feedback.  Likewise, they prefer people who are helpful and friendly.  Many ISFJs prefer to have some time to process and absorb what they have been told, so give them uninterrupted private time to decide or prepare a response. 

ISFJs like to have as many specifics and details as possible as far in advance as possible.  Show them immediate, realistic and concrete applications for your information.  They prefer people who focus with precision on one thing at a time.  For example, 9:00 is not the same as 8:59 or 9:01.  Most ISFJs want to know exactly what's expected of them and when, so they appreciate thorough, systematic, and organized explanations.  If you can show how your information relates to their past experiences, they will understand your position better.

On the other hand, things ISFJs tend to dislike include people who are harsh, critical, or judgmental.  ISFJs resist being forced to make an immediate decision, or to change their minds on the spot.  Generally, they dislike surprises, or changes to existing plans, particularly if there's no notice or explanation of why change is necessary.  

ISFJs tend to distrust people who are too enthusiastic or excited about new ideas, theories, or concepts.  Similarly, many are skeptical of long-range plans.  ISFJs don't like being rushed or having to scan something quickly for information.  Vague instructions or goals, missing details, and unclear expectations or responsibilities make ISFJs uncomfortable.


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