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Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® and Communicating with INTPs


Many INTPs report they prefer people who are logical, factual, precise in expressing themselves, and experts in their fields.  Competency is an issue for many Intuitive Thinkers, and INTPs are no exception. 

When communicating with INTPs you can usually expect to be challenged, questioned, critiqued, or get involved in a long, intense debate.  They often enjoy information that is presented in a global format, showing the "big picture," or how all the parts fit together. 

Like many introverts, INTPs often want time to analyze the information they've received before answering.  It's common for INTPs to enjoy working on complex problems, to think about the future, so many like working on models, plans, brainstorming ideas, or other global issues. 

INTPs can rarely overlook logical inconsistencies in your statements.  Instead they will probably wonder what you really meant, or if you are knowledgeable in your field.

When communicating with INTPs you'll want to avoid focusing on emotional or personal issues.  Most INTPs have little interest or patience with such topics, particularly at work.  Many INTPs focus on what needs to be corrected instead of what's working well.  They often prefer not to supervise others, nor do they like to be closely supervised themselves. 

Routine matters or extensive details seldom interest them.  It would be unwise to expect INTPs to provide a lot of encouragement or support, or to show lots of appreciation.  It helps to have a thick skin and not to take their criticisms or questions personally. 

You'll want to avoid giving INTPs specific, detailed instructions on how to perform a task, as they will likely be thinking about ways to do it more efficiently.


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