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The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® and Communicating with INTJs


Our friends the INTJs generally prefer people who are logical, objective, and systematic in providing information.  They like people who are honest, frank or even blunt, straightforward, and who focus on results more than how we get the results. 

Like many Intuitives, INTJs like goals and timelines, but prefer the freedom to work out how to get there, instead of being told to do it one way.  You can expect INTJs to be critical and to challenge your statements. 

Like many Introverts, they like to have time to consider information before being asked to respond or make a decision.  INTJs usually like to have private space and time to think.  Most prefer to work alone as opposed to a large team.  Since they tend think about and plan for the future, they often like to have feedback as soon as possible.  That way they can adjust their plans.

Things you'll want to avoid when communicating with INTJs include surprises, or rapid change with no advanced discussion or rationale.  Emotional outbursts will rarely work with INTJs. 

At work, they are likely to skip or avoid personal discussions.  Asking INTJs to "take a quick look" at something will usually make them nervous.  They want to be sure they have complete information.  They will rarely change their minds in a short time. 

INTJs will usually not feel comfortable thinking or acting towards short-term goals alone.  They prefer not to focus on details or routine affairs.  When they must work on details, they will likely be uncomfortable unless they have an idea of the "big picture," or the final goal.


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