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Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® and Communicating with INFJs


As a general principle, INFJs prefer people who are supportive, kind, honest, sincere, and appreciative.  They like those who show vision, ideas, possibilities, and broad concepts.  Values are usually quite important to INFJs, so those who share the same values are likely to be good speaking partners. 

Insightful comments and personal commitment are also important to most INFJs.  Like other Intuitive types, they often enjoy or prefer people who use metaphors to explain their ideas.  Like other Feeler types, they want to know how people will be affected. 

Like other Introverts, INFJs often want uninterrupted time alone to think about the issues.  Because many INFJs are private people, you'll need to listen carefully for their insights.  It might take some time before they have enough trust to be truly open with another person.

Areas that could cause difficulty in communicating with INFJs include people who focus on minutiae or routine affairs.  They generally dislike those who are too critical, blunt, or judgmental.  Many have difficulty giving or receiving negative feedback.  INFJs usually do not like being pressured into making quick decisions or giving immediate answers, nor do they like surprises. 

Most INFJs do not like being asked to take a quick look at something, then make a decision.  A focus on logic at the expense of emotions or people will not appeal to them.  Likewise, focusing only on the short-term, with no consideration of the long-range implications, will not interest them much. 


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