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The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® and Communicating with ESTPs


Now it's time to talk to ESTPs.  What are some good ways to communicate with ESTPs?  Many of them prefer people who are logical, direct, objective and reasonable, particularly if you speak with them while doing some other activity, such as walking or eating.  ESTPs will likely question your information and check if it can be used right away to solve a problem.

Many ESTPs enjoy being part of goal-setting, negotiations, or compromise-seeking activities.  They prefer action to words, so they will listen for facts, details, and specifics in a discussion.  Like many other types, they prefer short, direct, and succinct communication.  Long meetings are definitely out.  ESTPs will often gravitate towards those activities that may involve risk, action, competition, or challenges.  If your communications with them contains one or more of the preceding, you’re likely to maintain their interest.

Things to avoid include long, drawn-out discussions about theory or abstract concepts.  People who hint at problems, speak indirectly, or who are overly emotional will rarely keep ESTPs engaged.  Too-distant goals (10 years away) are unlikely to interest them.  Very strict rules or procedures, particularly if they make no sense to the ESTP, will frustrate and annoy them. 

Illogical ideas or personal views will likewise cause many ESTPs to lose interest.   Any new idea or plan that is unsupported by practical applications or enough details will likewise tend to be ignored.  It's common for ESTPs not to want close supervision or someone telling them exactly how to do things.  They prefer to find their own solutions.  Finally, any deadlines need to allow flexibility for ESTPs to work best.   Rigid schedules often are difficult for them to deal with.


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