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The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® and Communicating with ESTJs


Our friends the ESTJs are commonly described as people who prefer communication that is precise, detailed, and direct.  They frequently enjoy following established rules, so those who respect and follow the rules, structure, and hierarchy will have an advantage dealing with ESTJs.  Likewise, ESTJs prefer people who follow through on their commitments, stick to timelines, schedules, and deadlines, as well those who proceed in a systematic fashion. 

ESTJs respect authority and experience, so it will help if you do so as well.  Further, they trust the known, the tried-and-true methods, and standard operating procedures.  Finally, ESTJs like people who are responsible, and who know their role in an organization, and who support established goals or plans.

Conversely, things ESTJs tend to dislike include those who challenge or question rules or procedures, as well as those who want to change just for the sake of change, without any real reason or supporting data.  ESTJs rarely enjoy discussing theory, models, or anything untested.  They do not like people who are vague, who equivocate, or who take things personally. 

Small talk is not something most ESTJs enjoy, particularly if it means less work gets done.  They do not like it when people wander about the office having personal chats with everyone.  ESTJs are usually decisive, and dislike it when people take too long to decide.  What is too long?  For some ESTJs, that's anything longer than "immediately."  Finally, spending too much time on personal matters during work time is seen by many ESTJs as wasting time.


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