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Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® and Communicating with ESFPs


Like many Extraverts, ESFPs usually prefer people who are enthusiastic and positive.  Like other Feelers, they like people who are supportive, affirming, and encouraging.  Like other Sensors, they like immediate and practical applications. 

Small talk is a good way to start communicating with ESFPs, as they like to establish personal relationships with colleagues.  However, they also like people who get to the point and hold short meetings.  A good way to hold a meeting with an ESFP is while doing something else, such as eating lunch, walking, or doing another task such as filing. 

Fun and laughter are often important components for communicating with ESFPs.  Many of them enjoy negotiations, particularly when the focus is on cooperation instead of competition.  Action is more important to them than theories or long, drawn-out discussions.

In contrast, things that ESFPs do not like include people who are too serious or so focused on responsibilities that they forget the fun.  Strategic, long-range planning is not an area they usually enjoy.  Being alone, or dealing with critical or overly logical people can cause them stress. 

Few ESFPs respond well to highly structured, inflexible organizations, goals, or timelines.  Attending lectures is likewise rarely going to excite them.  Most ESFPs will not enjoy abstract, theoretical, or ambiguous conversations.   They like to concentrate on immediate problem solving that helps people.


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