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Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® and Communicating with ESFJs


Like many Feeler types, ESFJs prefer people who are encouraging, appreciative, and who show support.  They like to hear the facts, practical applications, and as many details as possible.  Most like to work on immediate issues, with concrete solutions.

  Many ESFJs like clearly defined tasks, with specific, identifiable steps, and often are attracted to or strive towards efficient operations.  They like clear lines of authority and delegated tasks that are clearly outlined.   It’s common for ESFJs to respect traditional hierarchical organizations.  They prefer to receive a lot of acknowledgement for their contributions to the group.  Harmony and lots of feedback are often important qualities in any relationship they have.

Some things to avoid when communicating with ESFJs include constant change, lots of theory or abstract ideas, and concentrating only on logic or numbers and ignoring the people involved.  They often dislike people who treat them indifferently or impersonally. 

ESFJs generally do not like being in ambiguous or unpredictable situations, especially without any guidance.  People who fail to meet their obligations or promise more than they deliver will not have many ESFJ friends.  Likewise, those who show little respect for traditions or authority will have trouble speaking with ESFJs.


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