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Myers Briggs: Communicating with ENTPs


ENTPs usually respond well to logic and reason, as well as people who are clear and precise.  As with other types, they prefer people who are expert or competent in their field, so it's best if you know what you're talking about. 

ENTPs are likely to challenge your assumptions and engage in what can be quite a vigorous debate.  They will often spend time analyzing your comments and integrating them into their existing knowledge. 

Any plan will likely come up for some serious critiquing if an ENTP is given the chance to review it.  You can expect many questions from an ENTP as he or she tries to understand the issue at hand.  Many enjoy working on complex problems and developing novel solutions. 

Most ENTPs respond best when given a lot of freedom to do their work.

Things to avoid when communicating with ENTPs include giving them specific details or directions on how to do a job.  Likewise, they are unlikely to give such information to people who work for them.  Avoid focusing on personal or emotional issues, particularly in the workplace. 

If you are looking for appreciation and validation from an ENTP, you might be waiting for a long time. 

Most ENTPs dislike discussing routine or mundane matters.  There's no need to state the obvious to them.  You'll want to avoid taking personally the criticism, questions, and challenges you're sure to receive from an ENTP.  Avoid any plan or project that cannot be explained or justified with logic or reason.


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