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Myers-Briggs Type Indicator & Communicating with ENTJs

ENTJs prefer people who are focused on the future and long-term consequences of their actions.  They like logic, efficiency, precision, and people who can make tough decisions.  Many ENTJs like a "hearty" discussion.  Others might see the same discussion as a battle of wits or a bitter argument. 

Like other Intuitives, ENTJs often like concepts, models, strategic thinking, and theory.  Competency is another issue for most ENTJs: they want to deal only with those they perceive as competent and knowledgeable.  ENTJs frequently like people who get straight to the point, and can back up their claims with facts.  You can expect most ENTJs to challenge and freely criticize your statements. 

If you are sensitive, you might find ENTJs to be harsh, demanding, and direct.  ENTJs expect people to honor their commitments, come to meeting prepared, and to meet deadlines.

When communicating with ENTJs, you'll want to avoid appeals to his or her emotions or feelings.  If you frequently change your mind or position, or take too long to decide, you're likely to make an ENTJ angry.  Anything that remotely appears illogical will not sway ENTJs.  Avoid redundancy.  Likewise, they will seldom listen to you "just because" or "just trust me on this." 

If your plans are unclear or lack structure, most ENTJs will ignore them.  Overloading an ENTJ with useless facts, minutiae, and hearsay will also make them impatient, and they will ignore that information.  You can expect most ENTJs to resist any attempts to control them, order them around, or tell them how something "should" be done.


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