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The FIRO-B: Team Preferences – Reserved Types

People vary considerably in their desire to have contact with others, from very little to a great deal of interaction with others.  Your Overall Interpersonal Needs score can tell us a lot about how your will likely perform on a team.  This month we'll start with those in the lowest range, which is a score between 0 and 15. 

These types are generally considered reserved.

Common or typical behaviors from people with scores in this range include approaching people individually when working on a problem, instead of bringing it up at a meeting.  They are likely to find meetings exhausting, too long, unproductive, and would prefer to avoid them if possible.  Generally, people such as these feel there are too many teams in most work places and not enough individual effort. 

Teamwork is not something they find interesting or rewarding, so they will avoid this too, if given the chance.  When obliged to participate in a team, they frequently will look for tasks they can perform alone.  They usually prefer to be on small teams, with infrequent meetings, little or no pressure to speak up in meetings, and tasks that can be easily divided among the members.


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