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About the FIRO-B™: Team Preferences – Central Types


People vary considerably in their desire to have contact with others, from very little to a great deal of interaction with others.  Your Overall Interpersonal Needs score can tell us a lot about how your will likely perform on a team.  This month we'll look at those in the medium-high range, which is a score between 28 and 38.  These types are generally considered Central.

People who have scores in this range generally like to be on teams, but may overextend themselves by participating in too many.  As a result, other job duties may not be done in a timely manner, or neglected altogether.  Many people with scores in this range prefer working in sub-groups, or want to avoid meeting with the whole team. 

Like other types, they are likely to consider their team role, their own skills, the skills of other team members, the time constraints, and more to determine how much or little they will participate.  They are likely to carefully weigh a number of influencing issues to help guide them in choosing a team role. 

Even though they enjoy teams for the most part, they often prefer not to be on a team continuously.  If they have been working on a team for an extended period, they are likely to want a break in the action and work individually again.


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