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FIRO-B™: Team Development – Role Satisfaction Part 2


For many of us, our scores on any particular FIRO-B scale can fall in the medium range, either high or low.  In such cases, it might be worthwhile to look at your highest score and see how it relates to those aspects of being on a team that are most important to you.  Let's look at those cases where Control is your highest score.

Many with Control as their highest total score report that having the ability to directly influence others is important.  Having the right amount of authority is a component of that ability. Being important, or being central, to the organization's success is on the list for teams such as this. 

High scorers usually like clarity and structure: in meetings, in reports, in roles, in responsibilities, and assignments.  To get the job done, the team will need resources, so high scorers will make sure that happens.  Accountability and efficiency are two themes that are common among people who prefer Control. 

Action and getting things done are likewise preferred to long discussions without decisions.  They like to see progress, make an impact, and have the knowledge the team is working smoothly toward clear goals. 

As usual, most of us will share some of the above desires to some degree.  It's more a matter of which factors are most important to you and whether or not your needs can be met on your team.


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